Sunday, May 10, 2009

Council Wars

A dispute between Toronto Councillors turned ugly the other day, when Councillor Adam Giambrone (Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission) was reported to have fired off a nasty email to Councillor Cesar Palacio. Giambrone has since apologized for sending the email, which, according to the National Post and other publications, stated: "Stop messing in my ward or there will be problems. I generally ignore your actions, but I am going to start looking for ways to cause trouble for you and when I start you’re not going to appreciate it".

The impetus for the spat appears to be who gets to place a motion at community council next week to help a local Portuguese group obtain a liquor license for an upcoming festival.

The event is in Mr. Giambrone’s ward, but Mr. Palacio’s office helped prepare a draft motion to have the event declared of “municipal signifance,” which would allow it to qualify for a permit to serve alcohol

OK, I understand Giambrone apologized (and the integrity commissioner has been called in to investigate). I understand they disagree on various issues (for instance on the St. Clair TTC right-of-way). I'm none-the-less very disappointed with the whole business. We pay these characters to run the city and I expect better.

Next election, I'd like to see some significant changes in Council. Unfortunately, it has been historically very difficult to unseat an incumbent councillor in these parts and we see the same faces and names over and over.

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Candy Minx said...

I am very much opposed to LRT lines.

You ask, "I wonder if there are less expensive and invasive ways to improve transit in our area?"


Encourage your neighbours to stop driving their cars and take street cars and buses. With an increase in usage more trains, buses and street cars will be added to the routes.

It's not rocket science.