Friday, May 15, 2009

Charcoal for the BBQ Freak

I know many people who grill food outside with propane or other gas fired appliances. Some of them are even pretty good at it. They tell me they have more control than they would with charcoal, and that it's more convenient. Unable to resist pushing buttons, I tell them it's like cooking on a Coleman Stove. I've always preferred cooking over charcoal, and then several years ago after Tuffy P and I bought a Big Green Egg ceramic cooker, I've been cooking everything from pizza and breads to whole turkeys on the thing. Serious BBQ.

This morning I stumbled across a website that demonstrated that in the scheme of things I have a long way to go to become a true BBQ freak.

Check out The Naked Whiz's Ceramic Charcoal Cooker page

Digging deeper, I discovered The Lump Charcoal Database. I've already explore a few different charcoals available in our area. Some of them are similar, but some are quite unique. The Naked Whiz actually reviews many brands of charcoal.

It goes without saying that we don't use briquettes.

Any other charcoal hounds out there?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm not sure about that Naked Whiz bbq name. The images that spring to mind of a hairy naked guy standing over a glowing pit of charcoal are disturbing.

We don't use charcoal anymore, but the smell of it does instantly transport me to childhood.

Greg S. said...

Dear Mr. Anchovy, what a timely post. My family recently shamed me into grilling. (I've been shirking my manly duties.) We are now the proud owners of a cheap stainless steel grill and several bags of charcoal. OK, it's a start. I'm pleased to see that the charcoal here is all lump, but humbled by all I still have to learn and all the choices. I will seek wisdom at this site and those to whom you link. It's so nice to have a virtual mentor for things burnt, er, grilled. Cough. (It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.) Yours truly, the guy who thinks of crab meat and gumbo when he hears the word "lump".

Candy Minx said...

Well, I love fire or gas stoves in my kitchen. I do not like cooking on electric ovens and stoves...BUT I prefer charcoal for bbq or even a fire under neath cooking. I just love cooking on anything with fire!

Gardenia said...

I'm a gas grill freak, sorry. Many many years though were spent cooking over charcoal - and truthfully, if one is skillful, it is the best way to go. One of my fondest times of grilling was during Hurricane Ivan - the families that rode out the storm on our street grilled everything from our freezers and we all had a feast, splitting the bounty - - - too bad that's what it took for a grand neighborhood bbq!

Course we live in the heart of bbq land here - even the local grocery has a person who bbq's ribs in front of the store - they smell soooooo good.