Thursday, April 23, 2009

Neighbourhood not ready to give up parking?

There has been a one year experiment, allowing on-street parking on Dundas St. West, here in Toronto, during rush hours. Councillor Giambrone wants it to end. Neighbourhood businesses don't agree. Posters have been appearing featuring the tag, Our neighbourhoods are destinations not highways.

Still, the year-long Dundas rush-hour parking pilot, the only major route that has had parking added recently, allowed TTC staff to compare differences in streetcar travel times with and without parking. They found that rush-hour parking increased travel time on streetcars by one minute and 20 seconds going west and three minutes eastbound for travel across Ward 18. Reason enough, says Giambrone, to clear the lanes for the rat race.

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tshsmom said...

Oh good Lord! A whole 3 minutes?!
The city leaders need to put this in perspective. I'm fairly certain that commuting yuppies can sacrifice 3 whole minutes of their time so a business can have parking space for their customers.