Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is it real?

The cynic in me, having seen the wildly viral Susan Boyle clip, asks the question "Is it for real?" The story is almost too good. She's from a little village in Scotland. She's an unemployed church worker...never been kissed. She even has a cat named Pebbles!. I can see half a dozen marketing guys in a back room somewhere with a bottle of cheap scotch cooking this up.

But then again, I've long suspected that J.K. Rawlings' story is too good to be true as well, and everybody says hey Mister Anchovy, you're nuts. But I say, who could write that many books, that many words that fast? Her story is perfect too. Could she be an actress? Could it be the books are all written by teams of writers?

I promise I won't talk about the Illuminati. Har!!


Wandering Coyote said...

Hm. Interesting theory, Mr. A. I dunno...I think Susan Boyle is for real and that it's kind of a cute story. As for JK Rowlings...I can see why you might be suspicious.

Candy Minx said...

Stagg said some of the guys at work were suspicious about the Boyle story too. That it was a set up of some kind.

JK Rowlings was taken to court for ripping off other books. So was Dan Brown ("The Da Vinci Code")

Now come on...there are only 7-12 stories in the whole world...we've never made a new story up in a hundred thousand years. For example: Khirshna Christ and Hamlet are part of a tradition called (by people who study folk stories and narratives) "the strong boy story".

A good example is "The Silence of the Lambs" a virgin princess must save the village froma terrible she goes to the lair of an old dragon to get advice.

The real "trick" or "scam" is that there is nothing new under the sun, heh heh!

And for me? I don't care if something is "real". I care if it delivers emotionally and transmits experience and knowledge. I like tons of fake stuff.

Go further with fiction!


tshsmom said...

I choose to believe it's real, even if it isn't. We all need a magical story like this every once in a while.