Sunday, March 22, 2009


I don't know if I've posted a mazurka on here before or not. Here's a lovely duet I came across on YouTube, posted by Kerazilis.

There are mazurkas played all over the place, but it is traditionally a Polish dance. It is usually in triple time, like a waltz, but with a heavy accent on the second or the third beat. Mazurkas usually feature a triplet, trill, dotted eighth note pair, or an note pair before two quarter notes.


sp said...

That's a great video. I like the dynamic between the two musicians.

Now I know what a Mazurka is. There was a restaurant in Montreal called Mazurkas that I ate at quite often when I lived there. I had no idea what Mazurka meant.

mister anchovy said...

Thanks for your comment on the video, SP. I post this stuff because I really love it, and if I look back over most of my posts featuring ethnic folk music from different places, it typically gets passed by without notice, and I'm guessing that many readers just think I'm some kind of accordion crank and don't even bother to listen. It makes me happy when someone hears a little bit of the same magic I hear in the music.