Sunday, February 01, 2009

Searches that found this trout pond

lisandro meza first hit - cumbia
Patychky - taste so good
making cabbage rolls - the way mom used to do it
u of t lupe rodriguez - RIP
portuguese button accordian - they call it concertina
bun pulla - mmmm, love it
j'ai passe devant ta porte - she's gone
wine wankers - huh?
where are john howlins paintings - we have some
calzone versus panzerotti - fried or baked
panzerotti new jersey - just across the bridge
IanTyson voice sounds raspy yellowhead - good recording
mr anchovy - hey that's me
Guy Klucevsek blogspot - squeeze it Guy
rat infested loblaws dundas toronto - you mean Dupont, not Dundas

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