Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ghost Riders in the Sky

I was thinking about the late great Handsome Ned today, and recalled what a kick-ass version of Ghost Riders he did. Here's some other renditions of the song, starting with Five Star Homeless.

Here's Johnny Cash, wearing a spectacularly bad outfit

Ghost Riders was written in 1948 by Stan Jones. It's been covered over 50 times.

Guitar picker Duane Eddy

And finally, The All American Boys Chorus


Bridget Jones said...

How cool! The All American Boy Chorus? How do you find these, Mr. A?

Anonymous said...

And no mention of Vaughn Monroe's version? In my mind's ear, I can hear him singing very clearly in his rich velvety baritone. (sigh) Guess I'm older than I feel.


mister anchovy said...

hey IllanoyGal, thanks for dropping by. It wasn't my intention to dis the Vaughn Monroe version. It may still be the most popular and best known version of the song, and for good reason. Sometimes I simply enjoy checking out some alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Yes I will love that song forever.

Anonymous said...

Gotcha, Mister A. The others are okay to my ear, I just prefer Vaughn. Hey, differences are what lead to horse races. LOL Comparing lets everyone choose what they like the best.


Gardenia said...

I LOVE THIS SONG! I am often found singing, "Yippee Ki Yoooooo, Yippee Ki Aaaaaaaaaaaaay"