Sunday, February 01, 2009


I'm not a football fan, but I do enjoy a game or two each year. There was a time when I more or less followed it for a while, so I mostly know the rules and the basic strategy.

I watched "Superbowl" game this evening. It was a lot of fun, although it seemed as if penalties played too big a part. Those madcap Americans sure do throw a party around their football, with the fancy soulful version of the national anthem followed by fighter jets and all.

Now the half-time show, that was something else. Somebody should tell Bruce Springsteen it's time to cut out the goofy rock star theatre stuff and just play the music. For some reason he reminded me of Robert de Niro in Meet the Parents. And the choreographed fireworks were way over the top. It just seemed all wrong, and reminded me why I don't don't go to very many of those big stadium music shows.


Candy Minx said...

What a game. Really what makes football wonderful...a minute is a long time in football.

LOVED the half time show and Bruce was true to his form when you see him live. It was great to see him on a tv special that wasn't sad or tragic. Twice in one month!

Long live music and art!

(I loved the rockets and fireworks hee hee...way better than bombs)

mister anchovy said...

A couple other people told me they liked the half-time show too, and well good I'm glad they enjoyed it...but on the other hand a few people I talked to today agreed with me that it was pretty bad. I did enjoy the national anthem though, strangely enough. That singer sure has some pipes.

It also wasn't lost on me that the setting was really about the most corporate setting imaginable for a rock & roll performance. There is so much money involved in and around the SuperBowl, it's almost unimaginable. By the way, I read the other day that Springsteen has apologized to fans for his contract with Walmart. He was quoted as saying his team didn't closely vet the issue and he dropped the ball on it. I guess he might have thought it was a way to get his music to the little guy (?)

zydeco fish said...

I watched too, although football hasn't been a part of my life for years. I am a closet Springsteen fan, and I have to agree with your assessment of his show.