Wednesday, January 07, 2009

St. John's stops new drive-thrus

The city council in St. John's has ordered a moratorium on new drive-thru applications, amid concerns that long lineups at some coffee shops are posing persistent traffic and safety hazards.

This must be a big problem in St. John's because that's a city with a lot of Tim Horton's outlets. On top of the traffic safety issue, there's a lot of idling going on at drive-thrus as well.

I guess our drive-thru culture is starting to catch up with us. Do we really need the convenience of a drive-thru? Really? I like a morning coffee as much as the next guy. I have a French press, some coffee beans, a grinder, a thermos and a kettle at work and I make my own coffee each day, which I enjoy in my own mug. I go into work a little early each day, make a cuppa and take my time drinking it before my job even starts.

Are there any drive-thru fiends out there? What do you think about what St. John's is doing? Do you want to see the same steps taken in your city?


Wandering Coyote said...

This happens at Tim's near my place it's so ridiculous! I'm not a fan of drive-thrus at all. I hate shouting my order out loud. I'd rather take the time and go in in person - way more civilized.

Karen said...

Here too, at EVERY Timmies with a drive through. It's disgusting. They end up spending as much time outside idling their cars as they would if they had gone inside and stood in line. I wish more people would take a hint from you Mr. A, and bring their own or make it at work. You shouldn't drink and drive anyways :) One thing I loved about a former boss was she brought her own thermos of coffee every day to work - it saved money (lots!) and didn't use one of those crappy paper cups that most Timmies customers double up on to avoid the heat of their cuppa joe.

Bridget Jones said...

Am actually impressed by what they're doing. Am pretty steamed at Tim's still about that firing the staff who dared give a Timbit to a crying infant.

Why does TH's have the long lineups? No other restaurants do. Are the staff that slow? The cooks? What gives?

Did you know that the TH family gets zip from the corporation? They just suck in general as an organization--the fact that Newfoundland's after them is the icing on the cake.

mister anchovy said...

Why would the TH family receive anything from the corporation. I presume that somewhere along the way, they sold the business, no?