Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Searches that led to this island in the sun...

accordion porn - mmm,mmm good
learn to play portuguese concertina - corridinho anyone?
coxwell trunk sewer - shit
Ancient Cameras - you remember film, don't you?
jane vasey - sure could boogie-woogie..RIP
flaco jimenez Squeeze Box King blog - in heaven they drink no beer
recipe pork sticks patychky - remind me of my childhood
long branch arena - just down the street
swedish accordion - I think I only know how to play one Swedish song
collective nouns list - mob of kangaroos indeed
john howlin artist - RIP John
anchovy song - sing it to me
vibrandoneon buy - one and send it to mister anchovy just because you love him
holly beach alligator - trouble on the Cajun Riviera
mister anchovy blog - hey that's me


The Preacherman said...

accordion porn????? you serious????

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Don't you love it when key word searches are actually looking for YOU! So refreshing.