Sunday, January 18, 2009


Froggy Went a Courtin'

Tex Ritter

Weird Bob

Learn it on harp with Night Train James

Tony Norris and Noah Aldridge

This traditional folk tune is often thought of as a children's tune, even though the themes are quite mature. We're talking about a gun-totin frog who wants to marry a mouse, who has to ask a rat, her uncle for permission. We're talkin about a big wedding, held in the hollow tree. All the animals come out for the celebration, but all it takes is one little incident, when the old grey cat shows up, uninvited and gobbles up the rat, and all hell breaks loose. Carnage in the animal kingdom. This is no gentle song, gentle readers, no...even if it does have a very compelling old melody.

There are plenty of versions of this out there. I posted the Tex Ritter version because, well, I like Tex Ritter, and also he messes about with it some and I enjoy that. The Bob Dylan version is from one of two delightful recordings of folk material he recorded at the beginning of the 90's, Good as I Been to You. I recommend this recording highly. There are a number of excellent performances presented there. My favourite might be Jim Jones...or maybe Diamond Joe...or maybe Arthur McBride.

The harp piece is simply fun, and the last piece is just so loving, I had to post it.


Underground Baker said...

Hello mr anchovy.

I am peeking out briefly from whatever it is that makes me fall of the face of the internet planet to say hello AND to tell you how happy I am for the froggy post.

I have been attempting to sing this song to the kids because I loved it as a kid, but kind of forgot all the words except the now....

The version I heard was done by Burl Ives I think.

Kids love the grisly elements to the least mine do.

Hi to Puffy T, hugs all 'round.

mister anchovy said...

Hey baker, great to hear from you!