Thursday, December 04, 2008


And so Parliament is prorogued. The pundits started using that word a few days ago, just like they knew what they were talking about, but what a strange archaic word it is at the heart of some of the most interesting politics we've seen in some time in this country. When I heard it, I thought, are they talking about pierogies? I love pierogies. Then I thought, no, they're talking about a pirogue, that curious flat-bottomed swamp boat one poles on the bayou, when gathering crawfish from crawfish traps, or hunting nutria or alligators.

So, what was the GG to do?

I was listening to talk radio on the way home this afternoon and I heard John Moore express his displeasure at the bunch of our federal leaders on CFRB. He referred to them as a jerk (Harper), a dufus, a blowhard and a separatist, and suggested none of them were the right choice to lead the country. He may be right. Harper has to go, but maybe patience until the Liberals find a leader who isn't a third rate politician is better?

I think the opposition formed a coalition because Harper was trying to bankrupt them, not because of the economy. At the same time, I'd rather see a centre-left approach guide us through these rough economic times. I expect Harper will consult with the opposition and come up with a budget which meets their concerns on a broad range of key concerns and show enough goodwill (even if it is disingenuous) that he will govern for a while longer. If the budget is defeated, the coalition runs the risk that Harper will convince the GG to force an election rather than turn over power to the coalition, and then what would a Liberal party with no leader do?

What a fascinating mess. Harper may have saved his bacon in the shorter term, but he may have alienated Quebec. If he continues with his "separatist coalition" attack ads, he might alienate voters elsewhere as well, because nobody like to be treated like they're stupid.

How do you want the whole business to go down?


Wandering Coyote said...

I couldn't figure out what "prorogue" meant, either. When I figured it out, I wondered why the media etc. couldn't have used a more accessible word.

ANYWAY - I support the coalition but not an auto industry bail out, as I said over at my place. I think, from what I heard on the CBC today, that the coalition will vote against the budget in January even if there are things in it they like. They just want to get rid of Harper. Fine with me.

sp said...

I'd still like to see what a coalition government could do. I guess that probably won't happen now, but I know one thing: Harper has lost the Quebec voters for a very long long time.

Karen said...

What gets me is that Harper keeps ranting and raving about seperatists and dividing Canada - and yet the BQ is only included to provide the votes required to overthrow the Cons. They have agreed to vote on three items only, they get no Cabinet positions and once those three items (including the budget), they're free to vote how they want which could have meant against the coalition once in power. Harper has fu%#ed himself (pardon my language). If you think his place in history was going to be bad before this happened...

mister anchovy said...

I expect we'll hear Tory attack ads over and over again through the Christmas period, but at the same time, Harper's gang will act conciliatory and be asking for opposition input and so on.

The timing of the whole thing is unfortunate, because the Liberals are essentially rudderless. Mr. Dion may be a good man with some sound ideas, but he's a poor politician and a poor leader, and the Liberals need a strong leader right now.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I see that Harper is still channelling Cartman from SOuth Park - he keeps thinking that wearing a nice sweater is the same thing as being nice.

Although I agree that Dion is a smart and good man, he is not a strong leader. I would love to see someone with more political chops like Bob Rae at the helm of a coalition, but that's not going to happen before the end of January.

Candy Minx said...

I think I was right in saying these parties were grandstanding and it's backfired. I'm pissed they did this coalition...they already had a voice in parliment and Harper had lost his power.

Voters already spoke out...they don't want Harper or Layto or Dion as Prime Minister.

These guys and gals didn't need to start a coalition...they already had a coalition if they worked together and played together in parliment.

Meanwhile...Clement is such a cow.

We do need some kind of a "bail out" for the car industry...but not the same old ways of thinking coming up with the same old programs...uerg!

I think the NDP and Green Party had a brilliant window of opportunity to propose a "bail out" for workers in the auto industry.

Not those fat cat CEOs.

Have a two year pay set up for people losing their jobs in factory...then set up trade and university sponsorship for education options for those in car factories.

People could choose to take their two year severance pay and look for a new job...and/or take some trade courses for a new job training or go to university and get a degree for new training.

I also think there should be an award created for someone or a team..who innovates the public transit syustem and creates jobs in public transit...trains across Canada between small it used to be. And really awesome public transit, lots of buses or electric vans for getting people around within their small towns and urban centers.

These politicians really blew it this week showing off hw Harper had no power...they forced him into a corner and I'm so pissed off at them...whe they could have come up with really cool ideas. The Green Party and NDP and Liberals...ALREADY had all the power since election. Duh.

It's not rocket science.