Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Huh? A Separatist Coalition?

I tuned in the tv news a few minutes ago, to see a montage of clips of Conservative MPs in the House, referring to the Liberal/NDP "coalition", backed by the Bloc, as "The Separatist Coalition", as if the Opposition parties are trying to take power for the purpose of breaking up the country. They're not giving the public much credit, are they, particularly in light of the news which has emerged that the Conservatives themselves tried to work a similar political tactic not so very long ago? I guess it's not a "separatist" coalition if it fails.

I think a coalition will be difficult and awkward, but it is certainly playing by the rules. I don't have any sympathy for Mr. Harper or his Chief of Staff Mr. Giorno or any of that bunch. Harper's in trouble and he brought it on himself. It was fun watching how fast they backpedaled when they realized the Opposition was awake and organized. The GG is back in the country and we'll find out what Harper will do tonight. The guy on the news as I write says Harper will ask to prorogue parliament. Let's see what the GG does.


Wandering Coyote said...

I think she'll do exactly what he asks her to do.

penlan said...

Unfortunately I agree with WC on this. The GG will give in to his request. But I fervently hope she doesn't.