Monday, December 15, 2008


The other night I was talking to a friend of mine about Memphis, and the conversation reminded me of the day me and Tuffy and Candy and Stagg wandered about a flooded old cemetery in South Memphis looking for the grave of Furry Lewis. I don't know too many people who are familiar with Furry Lewis. I never had an opportunity to hear him play live, but through his recordings, he became one of my favourites.

Here he is singing Kassy Jones

Furry's Blues

St. Louis Blues


sp said...

I love the St. Louis Blues. Great stuff.

Candy Minx said...

God, these film archives are incredible.

How did we live without music videos and Youtube in our childhoods!?

I remember the day I first saw a music video. It was at Larry's Hideaway and was the Clash doing London Calling.

I couldn't believe it. What was this new invention!?

At that time all music fans had were midnight showings of "The Song Remains The Same" and "Don't Look Back" and "The Last Waltz"...or the odd program of "American Bandstand"...

Finally...we could see all these bands making, designing writing and playing in short films called "videos".

I couldn't believe I was in a bar, having a beer and watching film clips of musicians I had only seen in stills. I was in heaven. This blew away "American Bandstand"...

I was born for videos...and Youtube has been the second best invention for a music lover next to video tv channels.

I immediately got "much music" when it was invented...and I still play all the music channels when I'm around the house and run into the front room if it's a band or singer I like.

I'm just so impressed with what has surfaced in the last few years on YouTube. You could see this stuff on Much Music or MTV...but you had to wait till it was programmed...the joy of being able to surf around to find this stuff just never grows old for me...

mister anchovy said...

We had 78s, 45s, albums and our imagination. We also had lots of live music. I used to have to search through the bins in record stores to access material I can now get at a mouse click.

I remember discovering the listening room at the York University Library. I would bring my reading up there and sign out all the old folky dolky and blues music (on records)I could handle. I'd put on the bulky old headphones and carefully drop an album on the turntable and be transported to another world.