Tuesday, December 09, 2008

City Beat: Lakeshore TTC Right-of-way?

I heard recently that the City of Toronto is planning a TTC right-of-way along Lakeshore to Longbranch, similar to the one they've built on Spadina and the one they're currently building on St. Clair. My first thought, was damn, we just moved away from that construction nightmare.

The situation is a little different out here. There is currently a Longbranch street car as well as a Go train which stops at Longbranch and at Mimico. The neighbourhoods are less dense. The current streetcar seems quite slow. There is some rush-hour traffic coming west in the afternoons, but less traffic overall than the St. Clair area we used to live in.

I was against the St. Clair right-of-way, but since I've moved, I won't be in a position to assess it as a resident once the construction is finally finished. I haven't yet taken a position on a right-of-way along Lakeshore. On the one hand, our community retains a certain character because it is a little isolated, being below the tracks and the Gardiner and being at the very western end of the city. Perhaps that is one of the factors that drew us out here. I'd hate to lose that. On the other hand, perhaps an injection of investment would be positive for our area, and make it a better place to live. We've just lived in Longbranch for a few months, not long enough for me to have a good sense of this quite yet.

If there are any Mimico/New Toronto/Longbranch residents out there, please weigh-in. Is a TTC right-of-way good or bad for us?

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