Friday, November 28, 2008


I was thinking today that there are a lot of songs about walking. Here's a few that come to mind:
Walkin After Midnight, Patsy Cline
500 miles, The Proclaimers
Walkin to New Orleans, Fats Domino
Walkin in a Winter Wonderland, Andy Williams
I'm Walkin, Fats Domino (again), with Ricky Nelson
Walk on the Wild Side, Lou Reed
Walking on the Sun, Smashmouth
Walk Like a Man, Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons
Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves
Walk Right Back, The Everly Brothers
These Boots are Made for Walkin, Nancy Sinatra
Walk Like an Egyptian, The Bangles
I Walk the Line, Johnny Cash
Walkin the Floor over You Ernest Tubb

I know I've missed quite a few. Feel free to add links to your favourite walking tunes in the comments.
I'm going to tell you all a little secret. Walkin the Floor over you was the first record I ever owned. My father bought it for me to go with the record player he gave me, the kind where you put a penny on the needle so it doesn't skip. You all remember records, don't you?

Walk Away, Ben Harper. Thanks SP
Walk on By, Dionne Warwick. Thanks LM.
Walking Blues, Robert Johnson. Thanks KW.
Walking in Memphis, Marc Cohn. Thanks BJ.
John Walker Blues, Steve Earle. Good one, East Texas Red!
Walking on the Moon Tom Russell. Thanks East Texas Red. Not to be confused with The Police.
Walk this Way, Aerosmith. Thanks Alex.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love how you have included instructions for walking. Very useful.

mister anchovy said...

I try to be thorough.

Anonymous said...

Dionne Warwick - Walk On By

Gardenia said...

Hmmm, I can't think of more, but has to be more - all these so familiar to me except for one.

Guess what! I found all my old Bob Dylan and Joan Baez "33" albums and some Elvis Presley ones too - gotta be old - the price was $3.76 on one of the Elvis albums!

sp said...

I remember records. I still have many of my record packed away because we don't have a turntable right now. This morning I was missing some of my records that I don't have on cd. I actually put on Patsy Cline's Walkin After Midnight because it's one of my favorites.
Oh yes, "Walk Away" by Ben Harper is a favorite of mine.

Anonymous said...

Walking Blues by Robert Johnson

mister anchovy said...

LM, SP and KW, thanks for excellent suggestions.

Bridget Jones said...

Walkin' in Memphis!!!
And that's a terrific list there. The pic's good too but she doesn't have that smug smile (thanks for that too).

Anonymous said...

John Walker Blues - Steve Earle (though this may be stretching the theme)
Walking on the Moon - Tom Russell

A said...

"Walk this Way" by Aerosmith.