Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Liberal leadership - Kennedy out

I heard today Gerard Kennedy won't chase the Liberal party leadership. Frank McKenna has said he'll pass and so has John Manly. Martha Hall Findlay has also announced she's sitting it out. Denis Coderre is not going for it either. Bob Rae is in. I haven't heard if Michael Ignatieff has made an announcement, but I'm betting he's in. Will this be a two person race?


Karen said...

And if it IS a 2 person race, are either of them a good choice?

Bridget Jones said...

What do all these folks know that we don't? I imagine any Liberal would be a shoo-in.

Candy Minx said...

These two are good friends...and if Bob Rae addresses the mistake he made in 1991...I think he could then be a potentially honorable representative. Although I thought his idea to have civil servants give up one day a month to help the ndebt...he should NEVER have made it mandatory...some people could afford to take those days off...but many of the civil servants had paycheques that barely were supporting their families. People were angry and he sould have allowed people to make aindividual choice. He should answer to that occassion...even now, this many years later.

Michael Ignatief is a remarkable thinker. I've read a couple of his books...and though I may not impliciately agree with everything he has said or written...I believe he is an ethical and wise person.

I think either of these candidates would be knock-out leaders...they are close to the ideas and life of "philosopher kings".