Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clarinet polka

Here's a nice version on uke.

The clarinet polka is a Polish number. In Poland, it is called dziadek, which means Grandfather. Growing up, we called my grandpa on my mom's side Dziadek, and as a little kid who didn't speak Polish, I thought it was his given name. I was surprised and confused when I discovered his name was actually Andy.

Here's a fiddle version with a country and western flair. Finally, here's those madcaps from Texas, Brave Combo.

OK OK, one more. I can't close this post without a banjo version. I'll send this one out to Salvalinas, who likes the banjo.


penlan said...

You're Polish too???? My Mum is Polish my Dad British.

Hey, how cool is that!

mister anchovy said...