Sunday, October 26, 2008

How can a guy be so lucky...

Looking at my Mister Anchovy email account, I see that over the past three days, I have won three major lotteries, and amazingly enough these were lotteries I hadn't even heard of, such as the Liverpool Global Lottery and the UK National Lottery. It seems that millions of pounds are mine for the taking. How could I get so lucky in one week. I'm so impressed.

Now I'll have some investment funds available and I can help out the prince of Nigeria, who also sent me an email last week. He's offering to share his father's secret fortune with me and all I'll have to do is help him out with the taxes up front. What a friendly and generous fellow.

What a swell place this world is. It seems that once you have an inner-nets connection, there's always somebody around to help you out.

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