Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Frankie Venom RIP

I just read over at Ink's blog that Frankie Venom died. Venom was a Canadian punk legend and front-man for Teenage Head, who were all over the Toronto music scene in the early 80s. RIP Mr. Venom.

Here are Frankie and the boys from 1983.


Underground Baker said...

Always sad to hear when a performer dies. I never saw him, but I have a soft spot for punk.

You threw the gauntlet mr. anchovy. I was compelled to post despite my fatigue.

There are a few snapshots...I'll send some in an email after I sort through them.

Radmila said...

Nothing to do with this post..but that squeezebox in the banner is pretty awesome!

mister anchovy said...

thanks's a beauty, isn't it? I bought it about a year ago, used but in near perfect shape.