Friday, March 21, 2008


Zosia may be my favourite polka. I think the best version was recorded live by Scrubby and the Dynatones back in the 80s.

Here is Scrubby and Larry Trojak reunited at the Lamm Post Pavilion for the Broadway Grill Reunion - Buffalo, NY. Those boys can still squeeze out a mean polka.

And here are the guys back in the day.


Candy Minx said...

These are wonderful videos, nothing like some good old fashioned drinking music.

Hey, Jim says you can turn your new piano organ on it's side and play on the floor.

He is doing very well by the way. He's been in rehab for the last two weeks and has three hours of rehab a day. OUCH! Yesterday he walked for the first he is in good spirits. He phoned me with the announcement right was such good news!

He's a real inspiration for any one who thinks their life is hard done by!

mister anchovy said...

That is great news Candy!! Please let jim know that if he has any suggestions on installing a set of bellows on the organ to let me know.


I just realised why I've sensed an affinity to this stuff. You drink lots of beer to it!!!!!