Thursday, March 06, 2008

Searching, Searching, Searching

...and the best ya come up with is mister anchovy's. Har!

cabbage rolls newfoundland - needs no words
hollywood's stagg underground - your one-stop shop
Howlin john - RIP old friend
snow removal vacation toronto - and we're getting more tomorrow
blog blues john hammond - sometimes I get the blog blues
angola prison pictures - must be the rodeo
Rolling Cabbage Rolls - I can't do it like mom could
history of los Embajadores Vallenatos - cumbia cumbia cumbia
Lego Zombies - excellent name for an accordion band
recipes from the neeleys - baby took a limo to memphis
the musical box cameras allowed? massey hall - yep
cabbage, anchovy - what were they thinking?
lego chess - this one keeps coming back
MISTER WANKER - now, now
vibrandoneon - is just a fancy melodica
managers test lion king - throw who to the lions
mylodica - is a wooden melodica
black mountain rag - sounds so sweet
nazaré - has a lovely beach
stagg drums - send secret messages


Karen said...

AARRGGGH! Lego zombies!

Candy Minx said...

Oh some funny stuff! I like how you explain some of the more eclectic words/objects...good idea.