Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Way down, at the bottom of the canyon...

The other day, I posted a picture of some graffiti, under a bridge that spans a nice little trout stream. Here is a picture of that steam, way down at the bottom of the canyon. The water runs very cold and very clear. The only thing that takes away from this lovely setting is the occasional tire or bicycle or whatever, that has been tossed from the bridge. Many smallish brook trout live in here, along with a few big brook trout and a few brown trout.

I discovered this place one day many years ago, driving around on a rainy day. The second time I visited, Candy Minx was with me. Candy, do you remember this river? We ate lunch on a little island in the middle of the stream. Stagg has been there too, come to think of it! East Texas Red knows the spot I'm talking about as well. Tuffy P. painted there one day, several years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Of course.. the code of the fly fisherman prohibits the naming of the river..some secrets you have to take to your watery grave.