Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Talking to students

I spent this evening up at York University at the Schulich school of Business of all places, talking to some Masters level students about arts organizations. I was part of a panel that included a film-maker, an actor and a musician as well as me in my role as a painter. We were to focus discussion on our relationship to arts organizations. In my case, I spoke about organizing large-scale exhibitions as an alternative to dealing with arts organizations, including funding organizations. I talked about working cooperatively with other artists, learning about alternative fund-raising strategies like silent auctions, throwing a big party with a cash bar, and producing and selling catalogues. After the panel, we split into groups. I was with a group of three students who asked some excellent questions. I really enjoyed talking to the students.

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shemvic said...

Hey Mr A, you certainly know about having a great exhibition. The one's I have been to were truly wonderful.