Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Queen West on fire

Check out the photos on Blog To.
This will change the face of that chunk of Queen W. in a big way. Apparently, nobody is hurt...I hope that is true.

UPDATE: We just talked to our friends Anita and Behzad, who live just south of where the fire started. They were evacuated today, but they're back home now, and except for no cable, (and so, no internet), their house is fine, they're fine, and their pets are OK too. They said the alley behind their place was a river of water. They were sent to an evacuation centre set up in Trinity Bellwoods Park. A number of people had to get out of the burning building quickly and left with nothing or almost nothing, and now everything is gone. The Royal York Hotel has opened up 10 rooms for some of the evacuees.


sp said...

I just heard about the fire. How devastating. I use to work around the corner from there so I know the area well.
The photos on Blog Toronto are incredible shots. I read on the comments there that a Home Depot is going in there???? What???

zydeco fish said...

There are some great (if that's a word I can use) photos on Flickr:

Very sad. I think Duke Cycle has been there since 1914.

Bridget Jones said...

6 alarm fire holy flipping cows. Glad no one was hurt.

mister anchovy said...

SP, I had heard there were plans for a Home Depot somewhere in that area too, but I'm not sure just where.

This fire is going to totally change that part of the city!

Anonymous said...

I saw Anita when I was heading over to gawk at the site. I totally forgot that they lived in the neighbourhood. Did they suffer smoke damage? (some other people I knew in the area sure did.)

Home Depot is being built on the parking lot just next door to the east of the burnt buildings

mister anchovy said...

LM, When i talked to them last night, they said their house was OK. I'm sure it smell smokey, but they were quite fortunate it didn't spread south.