Saturday, February 16, 2008

City Beat - Snow Removal

Our mayor has announced a plan for snow removal on some of Toronto's side-streets. The job is expected to be completed in three weeks, if March doesn't complete the job first. Crews will be working 24/7 to remove snow from city streets. This is welcome news as we haven't seen any snow-removal activity so far this year.

From the Toronto Star, "On streets where parking is allowed on both sides of the streets, residents will be given 48 hours’ notice to move their vehicles so plows can get through. Residents will be allowed to park nearby, and parking enforcement officers will use “discretion,” said Gary Welsh, general manager of transportation services.

Also, municipal green “P” lots will offer free parking from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. in areas where crews are clearing the snow.

If drivers have not moved their cars, then there will be “friendly tows,” to nearby areas. There will be no tickets or towing charges.

On streets where parking is allowed on one side of the street, residents will not be required to move their cars. But city staff said it would be helpful if they would because it would allow crews to remove the snow.

While the city will try to notify all residents of cleanup efforts in their area, Mayor David Miller said it will not be possible for cleanup efforts this weekend. The city will have a listing of streets to be cleared on its website today at"

Good news for Toronto residents!


Candy Minx said...

I remember in the 80's how magnificent the snow removal was in Toronto. All night long double shifts...I remember my family coming to visit and being astounded at the efficiency of snow removal from all streets in Toronto.

Unfortunately there is some bizarre idea that after cutbacks in the 90's...that people would have to "do more with less".

No one does more with less...they do less with less.

And once cutbacks like that occur for public streets and services it is very difficult for later staffs to come and find the money. More taxes and bigger bidget with inflation...but who will approve that?

sp said...

It looks like snow removal Montreal style. If that happens then it should take no time at all. Now where are they dumping it?