Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the Carlodica

I've been looking at those curious free-reed instruments known as melodicas lately, and came across the carlodica, played while the car is in motion, powered by wind from the motion of the car going through a funnel, causing the reeds to sound. (I think the L37 or perhaps the B24 bass melodica would make an excellent gift for the accordionist in your family, don't you....or perhaps even the KS1 Keytar).

Here is a quote from the website about the carlodica:
The Carlodica is played while the car is in motion. The volume of the Carlodica is regulated by the gas pedal which also propels the vehicle forward. The faster you drive the louder it gets. For fixed dynamics, set the cruise control around 70 MPH. A beautiful tremolo effect can be achieved by accelerating and slamming on the breaks repeatedly. The Carlodica frees up your mouth allowing you to drink, smoke, and talk on your cell phone while driving and playing a traditional melodica. Children love playing the Carlodica! If reading is necessary, music can be placed outside the car on your windshield and held in place with existing windshield wipers.

Your friends, neighbors, and highway patrol will be amazed as you swerve through the streets while playing your favorite songs on the Carlodica. The Carlodica will change the way we look at music, driving, and car insurance rates for years to come. This is one dangerous keyboard!

I don't have to make this stuff up, people...because there are good folks out there in the world who have already thought this stuff up.

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