Monday, January 21, 2008

The latest VOX puzzle

Here's my take:

Fate in a Pleasant Mood

Fast pain load eon team
Atom filo ate pane sand
Teal moan is pea fan dot
Entail pasta moon fade
Inate fad also mope tan
Noodle peasant fat it
Aim sane eat plant food
Pesto fail neat man ado
Leap feast noon aid tam
Eel stand foot main pan
Anode fin atlas at poem
Steam toad an foal pine
Aloft mode naan pa site
Nine fatal date asp moo
Tame poodle na fa saint
Mated oaf Spain la tone
Of pita doe as lan meant
Om opal fatten asea din
Data panel soon mi feta


Anonymous said...

It is a very good take. What i especially like is that your word arrangements seem more purposeful than with the previous puzzle. i really like "nine fatal date asp moo" and "aim sane eat plant food".They just seem to conjure up something that you might come across in a sci-fi novel set in an insane asylum.
However, while a very good take, it does have a few problems. The line "noodle peasant fat it" is but 18 letters in length,missing both an "a" and "m" and having an extra "t". And the line "eel stand foot main pan" misses an "a" but adds a "t". Also, i would like to know what or where "na" is, from the line "tame poodle na fa saint". (i know it only as an abbreviation for a number of things or as the symbol for sodium and the word "an" has already been used elsewhere).
Playing it this way makes it a bit of a different exercise. To be certain, a degree of difficulty is added to this puzzle by the need to avoid anything that resembled a penalty in the previous one. But the challenge of coming up with lines that rate a good score is removed.
The other puzzle could be solved using these rules. And that kind of makes me think that it might be nice if the 2 could somehow be married. But then i think that there is also something nice about a puzzle with so many possibe correct solutions, yet none will be solved without much twisting and turning.
i would like to know your thoughts, if you care to share them.

mister anchovy said...

I admire the fact that you took the time to do something I didn't - check my solution for accuracy.

I assumed na was as acceptable as ok, which you used in the previous puzzle, and I took it to mean either the abbreviation for not applicable or for the symbol or perhaps I thought, na, I'm not going to worry over it. In the other lines, of course I concede the errors.