Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dark and stormy the secret lab

It's kind of misty and damp and cool and foggy out right now. I've been plugging away at the paintings in the secret lab. Like the weather, they are damp and misty and foggy. The colours are earthy, swampy colours and the forms are becoming decidedly awkward and mucked up. Not pretty, no, no, no. The big one is getting close, but there is a big problem in the bottom left. I messed with it some, but more drastic action is called for. Next time, I'll paint out the bottom left, rid myself of yesterday's bad idea, and start to build it up again.

One of the reasons they feel misty is that I've been using the spray bottle as a painting tool...brushing on paint, and spraying parts of it off, letting the forms drip over one another. One of the curious results of this strategy is surfaces that are matte - the water sucks the lustre right out of the paint. It gives the paintings a starkness, a nakedness that is a little surprising.


fitzgerald said...

I hope you and yours have a great 2008. And keep working in the lab, I can't wait to see your new paintings.

Candy Minx said...

hmmm nakedness!

(sometimes I reglaze the areas when they go matte)

Sounds like a good night in the secret lab!

On a not related topic whatsoever...have you two had time to check out The Wire? The best show on tv? It just began last night but you can rent the first four seasons...and the reason I mention it is Tom Waits song Down In The Hole is the theme song covered by a variety of people every year and this year it be Steve Earle singing (he had a small role last season)

Here is a very good review to whet your appetite:

The program is interesting ona soundtrack level in general as it only uses music that comes from the action in the story. Pogues for cop funerals...rap for thugs...montages have used Dr. John, Steve Earle, Solomon Burke.

And on top of that the characters and plots are killer...

mister anchovy said...

The matte surface isn't something I'm trying to avoid. I like to explore some alternative surface character sometimes.

I don't think our rabbit-ears pick up that show, Candy. You're the second person to tell me it is the best show on TV.


due to several large vodkas I now have a vision of a naked anchovy.

naked fish.

oh dear.

I think I'll go to sleep now...

Anonymous said...

Was I the first to sing the praises of The Wire or am I the third? Or do I repeat myself? Probably. Think Charles Dickens in Baltimore.

Mist seems to be my dog's enemy right now. He is terrified of car exhaust, dryer vents, foggy evenings at the park, steam kettles etc.

mister anchovy said...

I heard it first from you LM, but I still haven't seen it

Gardenia said...

Interesting. I love hearing artists talk about the process they are in. Doing a painting is like giving birth I can be hard, difficult, work, euphoric, joyous, and all encompassing.