Thursday, January 24, 2008

Amy's Follies

How's our friend Amy doing this week? Oh my, it seems she's been caught on video smoking some mysterious substance from what apparently looks like a crack pipe. Dear me.
Amy says yes, yes, yes to rehab
Amy's not in rehab
The slow blackout of Amy Winehouse
Amy's dad wanted her committed
Scotland Yard assesses Amy for crime
One more fix and you die, Amy


Candy Minx said...

Just keeps on giving!

Red said...

And yet poor Heath Ledger gets his prescription meds wrong and he shuffles off this mortal coil. There's no justice in matters of life and death...

zydeco fish said...

Well, that last link to the Daily Star has a Babes section. I'll admit that I did click on he link. But, getting back to Amy, I kept thinking she'll be dead soon, but maybe she will finally get straight.