Monday, May 07, 2007

A day on the Credit River

I enjoyed a delightful day chasing trout on the Credit River. It was sunny, but not too warm. I saw an otter and a garter snake and a toad and mallard ducks - and I caught a bunch of trout too.


Gardenia said...

Ah - you got trout. Yum. Down here, or I mean out there - in Wyoming, we used to coat them with cornmeal and fry them in cast iron frying pans.

mister anchovy said...

The Credit is a jewel close to the city. The only reason it remains a good trout stream is that we have controls on harvest. That means we're not allowed to kill trout, and we have to fish with a single barbless hook, and no organic bait. As a result, I'm now in the habit of catch and release. Sometimes, on a remote brook trout stream, I'll kill trout for dinner back at camp, but close to the city fly fishermen want to protect the streams for the next generation.