Saturday, April 07, 2007

Information Junk: Why Should You Support Local Business?

Information Junk: Why Should You Support Local Business?

You never know what you're going to find over at Information Junk. Please support local businesses in your area.


Gardenia said...

This was a huge concern in the County I lived in last. So huge that in order to promote local business, some businessmen got together and through some complicated dealings sold a building to a governmental entity to start a store which in turn solicited money from the community to purchase inventory, begin the store, and then sell the building to the County for a $100,000 profit while still running the store for profit. Or I think that's how the story went.

Pesonally, I did all my shopping via internet and for groceries left the County because of ridiculously inflated prices. But this is all small town blah blah. Easy to promote local business in a large town - but then I think of Starbucks vs. the local "Bad Ass Coffee Company" and think there is some merit in double thinking before pursuing the chain retailers - promote local small business? Anyway good food for thought.

I'm going to the beach for now to watch the gulf and visit daughter. Happy Easter to the mister anchovy villa.

sp said...

There's a book out called the 100 mile diet ( is the website) that is about eating locally grown and by association you would be supporting the local businesses, farmers etc.
I also agree that it is important to promote local businesses, which seem harder and harder to find in a world of big box stores. Sometimes it cost a little more, but I think it's worth it.