Friday, March 30, 2007

Vira de Nazare

A Vira is a Portuguese dance rhythm that is like a fast waltz with a heavy emphasis on the first beat. Dancers twirl to this rhythm. Nazare is a village perhaps an hour and a half north of Lisbon in Portugal. It is a beautiful fishing village that has become a tourist resort, but even touristy, this beach town is very beautiful. We stayed not far south of Nazare when we were in Portugal, in a village called Foz do Arelha.

I didn't post at all last night - we dealt with our income taxes, then watched an episode of Prime Suspect Tuffy had on DVD. I appreciate the grittiness of those shows, and the fact that they aren't at all tidy. Watching American cop shows, you would think that being beautiful was a prerequisite for police work, especially forensic work.

Off to drumming tonight, then a few Go games. Back tomorrow.


Bridget Jones said...

You play Go too. Very cool. Not that I'm good at it...

mister anchovy said...

I get together with a buddy at least once each week. We play about 5 games each session, and we've been at it for darn close to two decades.