Saturday, March 17, 2007

Britney Anna Nicole Brad and Angelina

This is only a test.

Every time I turn on television I hear about Britney Anna Nicole Brad and Angelina. There is at least one tv show that is on a first name basis with celebrity. It's up to us to figure out who they're talking about. Is it because anyone cares or because studies demonstrate these names sell all the crap the man wants us to buy? So the test is this: what happens to blog traffic when you insert key words like Britney Anna Nicole Brad and Angelina? Let's add Avril and JT to the mix. Will hits stay steady? Will they spike? Will there be disappointed celebrity hounds hoping to find out about Britney's rehab behaviour? I wonder if they'll stay for the Sun Ra video below? Will my tracker reveal celeb searches? Stay tuned....

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Candy Minx said...

I was googling Tory Spelling and just got brought to your blog! You know that is a fib because you probably have no idea who Tory is.

We titled one of Stagg's posts "rosie o donnels blog"...and his search word visitors are from that.

I don't mind celebrity news...but my god it seems like a lazy bait and switch on the part of news corporations to not bother reporting the real news.

Thank god for Jon Stewart and Bill Maher otherwise we'd think all the female soldiers being raped in Iraq, all the mercenaries getting paid more than the actual military (1500 US a day on average), gay republicans against gay marriage, canada working to hide it's anti-women legislations were all a dream.

I am all for worshipping our contemporary gods and goddesses but not at the cost of staying inside the cave and watching shadows.