Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CD Review - Hair in my eyes like a Highland Steer, by Corb Lund and the Hurtin Albertans

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Corb Lund may be the best thing to come out of Alberta since - well since oil and old Ian Tyson. In fact the near-legendary Mr. Tyson has a guest spot, singing on a tune called The Rodeo's Over. Imagine having that kind of stamp of approval on your record!

Hair in my eyes like a Highland Steer is not quite a great album, but it's a very very very good one, by a young guy bursting with potential. Here is the bio from his website: Corb Lund was born and raised in rural southern Alberta and comes from four generations of Canadian ranchers and cowboys. He writes and sings the songs. He grew up riding horseback, chasing cattle and rodeoing on the prairies and in the foothills of the Rockies the first half of his life. Then he spent ten years driving across Canada, the States, Australia and Europe in an old van with his indie rock band called 'the smalls', playing every funky dive along the way. His writing reflects the unholy marriage of these experiences.

Hair in my Eyes is a lot of fun, and full of well played good tunes that put the Western back into Country and Western.

mister anchovy says....on the 5 anchovy rating scale, this one gets a solid 4 salties

PS....the last cut features Ramblin Jack Elliott, talking about Model A Fords - worth the price of admission right there!

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