Sunday, November 12, 2006

My friend Stan suggested I try "20 clicks"....start with a site, find a link from that site, find a link from that site and so on to see where it takes you.... OK, I'm game....

1.My 2 Second Shelf Life. Radmila's been nominated for a Canadian Blog Award
2.2006 Canadian Blog Awards. Shows I don't get out much....I didn't know these things even existed.
3.Rose Des Rochers. One of the nominees for best blog.
4.My Crime Space. A place for fiends.
5.Parents Behaving Badly. Name speaks for itself.
6.Her Accessories. Nice boots.
7.Artist Hideout. I didn't know artists hid out in places with lots of ads.
8.Top 10 Art Crimes. Who knew there would be a list?
9.FBI Home Page. Nuff said.
10.Wanted by the FBI.They even have a 'featured fugitive'.
11.Texas Coastal Region Advisory System. Assists the joint terrorism task force.
12.American Red Cross. Celebrating 125 years of of Service.
13.California wildfire prompts swift response.
14.What to do after a wildfire.
15.What to do after a severe winter storm". Preventing and thawing frozen pipes.
16.Give Life. Donate blood now.
17.U.S. Food & Drug Administration.
19.e International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH). A unique project?
20.The Gene Therapy Discussion Group.



William said...

I'm one of those starving artists. Thanks for stopping by anyway though. :)

Candy Minx said...

Hey William, theres a lot of us starving artists out here, don't be put off.

Um, this was fun, I got about half way through your adventure in blog surfing, will contimue later.

Hey, why not list Tuffy P's opening here at this web blog..

Lisa Hunter has a post where she welcomes montly art openings and listings on her blog...

scroll down a bit, you'll see.

William said...

Thanks for the tip. I ate me a spicey chicken sandwich from Wendy's and feeling much better now.

Radmila said...

thanks...I might try this...tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


Couldn't help but click on the Xenotransplantation link. It's my new vocabulary word of the day. Sure is gonna be hard to use in a sentence!

Rose said...

This is an excellent idea. Do you mind if I grab this for ? Thanks for linking to me. :)

Diana said...

Please tell Stan that I like his ideas. I had a lot of fun playing "20 clicks". Thanks for stopping by :-D