Thursday, October 26, 2006

What's this guy all about?

Fred Dominelli's theme for the evening was basically, I've done good financially, and I'll do good for you too. He supported Palacio on questions relating to the charity scandal. But telling was a question he asked after the Councillor's debate, when the Catholic school trustee candidates were taking questions. He asked the candidates what their stand was on abortion. What does that have to do with a trustee job?


L.M. said...

That's a question that sends me reeling. WTF!

How did the candidates answer that one? (other than with a incredulous look on their faces)

School nurses do dispense bandaids and may take a kid's temperature. Was he worried that they would expand upon their usual services?


mister anchovy said...

No one chose to answer.

L.M. said...

...oh...well...gee...I was ready to launch a major hissy fit...Ok...I won't now. (...what shall I do with all this hissy energy now)