Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Searching for mister anchovy

Some recent search terms that led to this sheltered bay:

Johnny Cash middle finger (it just never stops)
Nuclear art
Anchovy twists (is that like an instructional dance tune, do the anchovy twist?)
Peter Max
Hohner merengue tipico
Tommy Makem
Anchovy Drawing
Enrico Baj
Nicholas Metevier
Patychky (somebody was after the recipe)
Lady in Swing
Images of the cartoon Whoville
Icelandic Rottenfish


Gardenia said...

Pretty little things before they get all canned or pickled. Anchovy twist? hmmm - I think it might be some kind of crunchy stick - maybe to twirl in coffee? Or spread with cream cheese.

L.M. said...

Tuffy P. makes the best Icelandic Rottenfish pizzas!

Candy Minx said...

Getting a bit more meat in the word searches huh?

mister anchovy said...

that would be more fish, Candy

greatwhitebear said...

Peter Max, STILL?

Shows the power of great art, eh?