Saturday, October 28, 2006

Scurvy dogs target Bravo election signs

Some asshole has gone around Ward 17 spraying out the face of Alejandra Bravo on dozens of election signs. I saw it this morning along Davenport, on my way to accordion lessons, and Tuffy P and I saw a bunch along Caledonia as well. We have some good people running for Councillor in our ward, and they should be shown some respect. I hope the jerk who did this gets caught and exposed.


Gardenia said...

We've been going through this and worse. My boss (County Clerk) has been accused by her opponet of throwing elections, being "mean," (opponent is only 9 years out of high school), and opponent is trying to take credit for everything my boss has done. Its been an eye opener being on campaign trail with boss. Really rotten editorials in paper (surprised 3rd party slander is being printed), signs defaced and stolen. I will say one thing for the dems in this area, they are not playing dirty.

This is exhausting and I get MAD.

Just found out the candidate I was backing for County Attorney (on party only) has rumors about of being a child molester. I don't know if this is campaign crap or what - now I'm scared to vote for him to get in a position of so much power. Can't just walk up to the fella and say, is it true you banged your daughters until they were old enough to leave home?

Will be glad when November 7th is over here!

greatwhitebear said...

mr. a - sounds like good old American politics is finding it's way up north!

Anonymous said...

Mr. A ...listen to the greatwhitebear-he is so correct-as no surprise two governor signs were Chicagoized (right in place) around here. That is all I'm gonna say...because that is all I know-KNOW WHAT I MEAN ?


Candy Minx said...

Oh dear. Well, sometimes these attacks can work to make the runner more sympathetic to voters. Only on Bravo's face? Hmm, I suspect it's a man then with not only a hate-on for a female running but a hate-on for the liberal views supporting issues that he sees as attacking his robbed sense of male entitlement.

I am testing right now as blogger still seems to be whacky. I can't post a reply to your above "testing" post because it goes to a weird page saying blogger not available or something.

mister anchovy said...

my blogger seems ok this couldn't comment on the testing post because I had deleted it, but blogger wouldn't let me publish....mysteriously this morning it was gone. I was getting some kind of weird-ass achive error when I tried to publish anything.

Candy Minx said...

Hey Mr. Anchovy, You inspired me I wrote Ms Bravo an e-mail from your link to her website.

Hello Ms. Bravo,

I am a steady supporter of David Miller and I include you as someone I seeing represting me in many aspects.

I think you seem to have a great attitude and energy and I appreciate your commitment to community. Unfortunately, you and I do not see eye to eye on the St Clairr cement barrier. MY understanding is this construction project is to allow a little more priority to TTC and public transit for faster more efficient service. I think this is excellent. I do not think the answer is to construct a new style of TTC thoroughfare though. The issue is the growing number of car driving residents who tend to slow down public transit and bicycle traffic. Instead of the construction, why not come up with an alternative means to discourage drivers?

Urban planners have shown that one way streets and public transit barrier psychologically as well as physically kill the spirit of a city and create a barrier for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. (Jane Jacobs and John Sewell)

Instead, why not encourage a 1 dollar gas tax on every four litres of gas purchased? Or come up with a system to reward people who ride bikes or leave their cars behind when travelling and shopping on St Clair? Most important, instead of a barrier to spend some time using imagination with the communitity to really articulate what the problem is on St Clair.

It is too many people driving cars at once.

With a traffic calmed mandate, like several in Vancouver, the TTC would be able to travel across St Clair at the same rate as the new construction proposal but without wasting tax payers money on a limited benefit construction.

Why not use the money for construction to lower the price of TTC travel on the St Clair line and adjoining TTC buses? Change the fare of those routes to $1.50. This would be a terrific incentive for people to use the TTC instead of driving.

Create a community awareness meeting to recommend all the people who live near St Clair to stop driving their cars to and on St. Clair for quick errands. Come up with a way to encourage the neighbourhood to walk to the stores and walk on their errands.

St Clair retail stores have been opposed to this construction for years. Ask them to give the neighbours an incentive to transform the way they move and perform errands on St Clair. Free coffee or vouchers for letting them know the people walked?

I don't pretend to know all the answers, but I do know what the problem is. Too many cars have jammed up St Clair. Something innovative and inspiring could come out of this neighbourhood struggle while opting out of the counter-productive construction.

Our country is in dire conflict with people who want to overthrow our medical and health programs and our rights as women and gays. Please do not let this construction be the only platform people are voting with. Eliminating the fetish of driving may be a step towards protecting the charm that Toronto has in comfort and as a vanguard of environmental practices.

As for crime, I really suggest you read the book Freakonomics. If we do not focus our attention on ethical issues our rights as women and families may be snatched away from us, and trust me if any of the chapters in Freakonomics are correct, crime will go up and up. It is the freedom of indivuduals working together for each others choices and tolerance that cuts crime. It is common sense that is the right move for St Clair, not construction.

Thank you for your time,
Candy Minx