Thursday, October 26, 2006

Palacio scandal?

The link is to an article splashed all over the front page of the Toronto Star today suggesting that Ward 17 Councillor Cesar Pallacio's campaign office is in a building whose mortgage is being paid by an anti-crime charity, the Police Community Partnership (PCP).

Here is a quote from the article, by John Duncanson and Laurie Monsebraaten:
"The main floor of the two-storey building, bought for the Police Community Partnership 12 Division (PCP) by a numbered company in 2002, was used by Palacio for his campaign office in the 2003 elections and has been his local ward office since".

The article goes on to allege that the charity put out less than $11k to charitable causes in 2005, but nearly 20k to mortgage payments on the building in question, located at 1697 St. Clair W. Yet the article states that PCP never operated from the building.

We decided to go to the all-candidates meeting tonight to find out more......

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