Saturday, October 28, 2006

Minx has Moos interview posted

I know that many readers of this blog are hip to that fantastic blog The Gnostic World of Candy Minx. For those who are not, this is a good time to head on over there, because Candy has posted an interview with David Moos, curator of the Art Gallery of Ontario. The Art Gallery of Ontario is a large public gallery in Toronto. To Moos, this gallery means: "We Bring Art and People Together and boldly declare Art Matters". Well, good goal. I'd like to know if my readers agree the AGO has been achieving this. For those who live in the Toronto area, is the Art Gallery of Ontario relevant to you? Are you compelled to visit often? Do the shows there get you charged up?

Be sure to read Candy's interview with Moos, and tell her what you think.


Candy Minx said...

Hi MIster A...thanks for posting a comment and I hope others drp by and visit the interview. It was AWFULLY quiet there, comment wise all day yesterday...I'd never seen anything like it so far on my blog. So I felt pretty worried about it.

Was the post so long no one was getting through it? There are several links to art works by the Canadian artists Moos mentions, which I linked especially for non-Canadian bloggers. PLus, a short film which I found revealing...

I'd be really interested on hearing what people think of the art linked etc. I was worried that art lovers might not want to comment in case the AGO or powers that be read their thoughts, who knows.

Thanks for the shout out Mister Anchovy!

And here is an amazing opportunity. Art Review is offering six months free issues of their magazine right now online. There is a small questionaire for your name and email but other than that pesky actually works. We have been looking at the magazine, EVERY page online even the ads! OKay especially the ads ha ha but it really a swish idea. Check it out, it's value is 60 bucks!

L.M. said...

Several people I know have had a problem commenting on your interview, Candy, but it is being read. (one friend emailed me and said "Candy kicks ass", that is without knowing about your shoe collection)