Saturday, September 09, 2006

Searches that brought people here

08 Sep, Fri, 17:17:02 Google: ikea catalogue controversy
08 Sep, Fri, 17:17:42 Google Images: cash middle finger
08 Sep, Fri, 17:25:06 Google: scott mills ikea catalogue radio 1
08 Sep, Fri, 17:40:09 Google Images: JOHNNY CASH MIDDLE FINGER
08 Sep, Fri, 17:50:56 Google: making sourkraut cabbage leaves
08 Sep, Fri, 18:20:03 Google Images: johnny cash finger
08 Sep, Fri, 18:22:10 Yahoo: Ikea Dog Picture
08 Sep, Fri, 18:45:49 Google: ikea catalogue dog
08 Sep, Fri, 19:08:57 Google: Lil Wally
08 Sep, Fri, 19:15:03 Yahoo: ikea catalogue dog
08 Sep, Fri, 19:19:26 Google Images: peter max
08 Sep, Fri, 19:26:16 Google: the cat came back lyrics stompin tom
08 Sep, Fri, 19:34:02 Google: ikea catalogue dog picture
08 Sep, Fri, 19:34:03 Google: ikea controversy
08 Sep, Fri, 19:48:21 Google: ikea controversy
08 Sep, Fri, 19:57:57 Google Images: "cabbage rolls"
08 Sep, Fri, 20:50:29 Google: gta sundresses
08 Sep, Fri, 22:03:19 Google: ikea controversy
08 Sep, Fri, 22:18:17 Google: ikea catalogue 2006
08 Sep, Fri, 23:43:43 Google: ikea dog picture

As you can see, I'm still getting a lot of residue action from Radmila's post about the Ikea Catalogue Controversy, along with the odd choice search term like The Cat Came Back, gta sundresses, and the ever-popular Johnny Cash finger.


Timmer said...

That Johnny Cash finger keeps sticking out!

Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah - that g-d finger thing is going to haunt you forever now, man.