Sunday, September 24, 2006

Morning Walk - part 1

This morning we walked up Caledonia to Eglinton, east on Eglinton to Oakwood, down Oakwood to Rogers and west on Rogers to Blackthorn.


Tim said...

Cool a music store. Have you been in?

mister anchovy said...

not this one, but I have a recording by this guy...there are several of them available at Sam's.....on the other post, though, you will see the sign for Musical Instruments of Canada. That is run by a really nice fellow named Rudy DiFlorio. He's the guy who installed the mic on my button box. He's also done some bellows work for me. He does high-quality work on accordions.

Karen said...

I love the little house with the fence...very quaint neighbourhood. And is that a Russian restaurant???? Gasp! Mental note to self - must go to Toronto.