Thursday, September 21, 2006

John McCartney's drawings

Here are some of John McCartney's drawings. The exhibition is at Lennox Contemporary, at 12 Ossington Ave, just north of Queen St. W. in good old Toronto. This is a wonderful exhibition. John has a delightful improvisational imagination and handles all drawing materials beautifully. These drawings represent a selection from a much larger group of large drawings he did over the last three years. Good going John!

On the 5 anchovy rating scale, mister anchovy gives this exhibition a boxcar full of salties. If you're in the Toronto area, don't miss John's work!

For more pics, be sure to visit Timmer Readtree, and try to spot the anchovy.
We also saw another old friend at the opening, Shelley Adler. Shelly has an exhibition on right now too, at Nicholas Metivier Gallery until the end of the month.


Candy Minx said...

Really wonderful to see those photos and how terrific to see some of John's work. Sounds liek a great night!

Tim said...

I was there! It was a great show with good energy.

Gardenia said...

Wish I could go - sounds fun and the work I can see in the photos would be interesting to stand around and kinda get lost in......

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