Monday, September 25, 2006

Hustle & Flow

We watched Hustle & Flow for the second time tonight on DVD. The theme of this film: everybody needs to have a dream. It's a story of a low-end Memphis pimp going through a mid-life crisis, who wants a shot at being a hip-hop star. After the first 5 minutes of the film, I thought, man this is going to be grim. The creators of this film do quite a powerful job of making the character of pimp D-Jay strangely endearing - because he is chasing his dream. It takes place in an ugly hip-hop Memphis world, where men are pimps and dope dealers and women are "hos". There is one female character who lives in a more conventional world, and worries about stuff like a promotion at work....but she too is drawn in to the strangely compelling world of D-Jay, his hos, his hip hop dream-mates and the tune with the oh-so-catchy hook, It's hard out here for a pimp....her husband is Key, D-Jay's old school friend, who brings the technical skills to the dream.

The movie was shot in Memphis....some of it at Neeley's BBQ.... Watch for Memphis mainstay Isaac Hayes playing the owner of a bar.

The acting and the writing and the directing and the music are all superb. This low-budget flick was one of my faves last year. On the 5 anchovy rating scale, I give this one a solid 4 salties.


* (asterisk) said...

I kinda fancy seeing this, although that song from it that won the Oscar is feck'n horrendous, IMHO. Thanks for the review, Mr A.

Candy Minx said...

We finally saw this last week!!!

One of the best little movies I've sen ina ges. Everyone is incredible in the movie, and * I'll tell ya something, that song grows on ya. Other songs from the soundtrack are very fun like "whoop that trick". The main song "it's hard out here for a pimp" is actually interesting...most people miss the irony of the lyrics. The poor pimp, one he has like several wives, and's hard for HIM? He doesn't have to do on further listening you might find there is more to this song than first hits you...? The woman in the photo above is like, my new favourite actress, I just noticed her ina Law and Order cameo the other day too. The extras on the dvd blew me away with how she is in "regular" life compared to her character...she is so good, I think she should have been nominated for supporting role. I really loved this movie.

I might suggest, if you liked Boogie Nights, Midnight Cowboy, or My Own Private Idaho, you will like this film.

Candy Minx said...
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Fitzgerald said...

Yeah this was a good movie. Kind of humanizes those in the hip hop world a little more.