Friday, September 01, 2006

1970 K-Tell Commercial

Only $3.99, you can have 25 polka hits.
So you don't forget, order before midnight tomorrow, baby.


Anonymous said...

I remember that commercial,when was little, my big brothers used to chase me around the house singing the "Too Fat Polka" to make me cry.

Lee said...

Ahhhh K-Tell. For me it brings back beloved memories of DIMENSIONS, an LP with both Juice Newton and Rick Springfield. Truly a jem. When I worked at Tower Records, we accidentally made the K-Tell rep cry. Who knew she was so insecure?

A said...

I don't recall the commercial (it predates me by nine years), but that collection (or a cassette very similar to it) got me through four years of rush hour traffic in Los Angeles in the mid 90's. If I played it with the window rolled down, I either got big grins or suspicious glances. It was great entertainment.