Sunday, August 27, 2006


Trains are a fixture of the Crowsnest Pass. The tracks follow the river more or less on the north side. I loved being on the stream when one came by. First, I could hear the low rumble in the distance, then the haunting whistle echo through the pass. They are long freight trains and as one passes you can read graffiti on some of the cars: "The Good Die Young".

The little blue and white sign in front of the train in the middle picture says "Use Respect". Underneath, the local landowner has scrawled a warning, saying the if litter continues on his land, and if anglers don't respect his private lane, the access would be closed to visitors. Behind it is a garbage can. In the parking area, I picked up an empty drink cup and a broken beer bottle. "Use Respect" is a reasonable request. Yet there are few streams, even remote ones, where I don't find one sort of garbage or another. On my visits to trout streams in Canada, the most common garbage I've seen is Tim Hortons coffee cups. I want to scream, "hey, care for the land, people!". What are then thinking?

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tshsmom said...

My pockets are always full of garbage. It's either mine or someone else's that I've picked up.