Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stagg after the Government Mule show

staggo, originally uploaded by mister anchovy. is one of Stagg's drawings I found in a box up here by the computer (you never know where you're going to find a Stagg drawing). Hey bud, how was the show? Be sure to say hi to Jim for me!


* (asterisk) said...

This is wonderful. We should see more pics by Stagg, don't you think?

mister anchovy said...

Maybe Candy can post some new ones over at the Gnostic World?

Candy Minx said...

Well, I am waiting for permission. When we first got the computer...I made a website. Yeah, me a website designer. who knew. Well, mac knew. It was easy. So we tried the two month free online access with dotmac, right? But Blogging got way more traffic and visitors.

I loved the design I had made, I superimposed our paintings into several layers etc. And I made Stagg a whole website with tons of his work.

Once I started blogging and the dotmac account expired...well, he has been hesitant to let me make him a site. Now what he is really afraid of is being addicted to blogging....ha ha ha ha ha....Now where would he get an idea like that?

My new idea is to just use a blog template for loading his paintings. He doesn't HAVE to actually blog. I can just do it for him...right?

Well, when I am finished wearing the guy out...he'll be here to visit Mister Anchovy and see your comments. Maybe he'll go for it now.

We went to Navy Pier yesterday and I forced him on two rides. A swing where I screamed like a maniac, and the ferris wheel. I got pics of a couple things...anyways he is out like a light we walked around a lot and went to the grocery store, stayed up alte watchign the MTV Video Awards show... and well enough said...


greatwhitebear said...

It's a great drwaing.... i am guessing drawn with some fear and trepidation!

Anonymous said...

The Gov 't Mule show followed by The Allman Brothers Band was really good-I like Gov't Mule better so I can't be nonjudgemental-Warren Haynes is alotapeoples best slide player-They have a Newoleans benefit disc with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band called Mule Orleans!!! I'm gonna haftah look for more paintings n drawings for the internets or webs or whatever these kids do these days!!!


Anonymous said...

This brings back a hilarious memory from the Great Lakes opening at Harbourfront in 2001. I was sulking because a show of mine, elsewhere, had been cancelled and Mr. Stagg offered the services of himself and some Chicago friends to 'take care' of any asshole curators I encountered in the future. "Just get me an email or something"

At that point Mr. Anchovy started laughing his head off, because Mr. Stagg didn't actually use or have email.