Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ice Cream Wars

We were sitting in the living room this evening when we heard a rukus outside. Tuffy went out to investigate and shortly after, called me. There were two ice cream trucks outside, MMM MMM Good Johnny - Johnny Junior and King of Cones. Several people were blocking Johnny's truck and people were upset and yelling and Johnny was edging his truck forward like he was going to drive away. King of Cones was soaking wet and had his hand on his head and seemed to be in some discomfort - he was calling the police. Witnesses told us that there had been an altercation between the two ice cream guys. Johnny is the guy who usually works our street. Allegedly, he found King of Cones working his route, and (again allegedly) pulled up along side of him, and threw a bucket of water at the King. Some reports from the local kids also had Johnny roughing up the King, either punching or kicking him, or both. You can see in the picture, the chunk of hair absent from King's head where he was struck. Ambulance came and gave the King an ice pack then the police came to investigate. They talked to the King and they talked to Johnny and they talked to various witnesses, including one witness who gave a statement in the police car.

Then the cops arrested Johnny. They asked him if he had anyone who could drive his truck home. The truck, meanwhile was blocking the driveway of Anchovy Headquarters, so I was hoping the answer was yes. Meanwhile, a friend of one of our neighbours showed up - she volunteered to drive Johnny's truck home, while Johnny was hauled off to the big house. Tuffy asked the new driver, "have you ever driven one of these things before?" and she said, "no, but I'm going to find out"......
Once she figured out how to start it up and get the lights on, she was off (with Tuffy yelling, "Turn the music on...." as she sped away.)

You can't make this stuff up.


Candy Minx said...

Oh MY GOd!

This is cutting edge journalism, I am so proud of you...and here I was typing away over here my "open letter to galleries and museums" about their corruptions...I came back to check on Frank magazine and what do I find? A really fantastic photo of a scalping!

these poor guys. who is usually working your street? Johnny oh dear!

* (asterisk) said...

Excellent post. Love t he pix, too! You can't make this stuff up, that's fer sher.

tshsmom said...

And I thought the stuff that happens at my workplace was unbelievable. You've got me beat...this week anyway!

Radmila said...

Still the King.
Eh? Eh?

greatwhitebear said...

This just ashes all of my images of you non violent Canadians! I am soooo depressed

greatwhitebear said...

dashes.... amned d key

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