Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finding Neverland

Hello. I'm * (asterisk), and here's the first of my guest posts.

Last night marked the end of Wife's week-long stint working in London. I miss her when she's away. We celebrated with an Indian takeaway and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

We watched the news. Hundreds of Lebanese were being buried in mass graves. Of those, 28 were killed in the Qana attack of July 30. And of those 28 from Qana, 16 were children.

Then I turned over to watch the Big Brother "grand" finale. I'm so glad it's over now. I feel I can get my life back. Although it went shit towards the end, by that time I'd already invested so much time in it that I was compelled to see the outcome.

Tourette's-suffering Pete won. He was virtually a dead cert from the off. My fave, ghetto princess Aisleyne, came third, while Wife's fave, gay Canadian waiter Richard, came fourth.

Johnny_DeppI feel it is beneath me, at 36 years of age, to even dignify the programme makers with my viewing figure.

Besides that, though, it just seems wrong to flick from Lebanese tragedy to puerile "reality-show" farce -- to feel I can finally "get my life back" from the television, while people in Lebanon are burying entire families.

But ours is the generation that never grew up. We left home, yes, and started families of our own, but we still watch crap TV and rent bad movies and buy gadgets and comic books and toys. We've found our own Neverland in which to bury our heads.



There's a few heads out there I'd like to bury..

Gardenia said...

well, i'm a boomer baby and we now watch our share of crap on TV, etc. Our activism days are over and we have settled into our easy chairs after work....I listen to Dylan a lot and wonder whatever happened to all the activism of my younger days - protests, rallys, "happenings." Ah those were the days.

BTW, welcome to the blog - love the picture and the thoughts.

Candy Minx said...

There is nothing wrong with watching television and movies and having a bottle of wine and going for take out.

From my lips to gods ears I know every other person on the planet would love to have time with their loved ones and their friends and family.

No no, it's okay to be at home and living in a country that is relatively safe.

The people burying their dead want that too.

And that is the point, why this behaviour of DECADES in the middle east is unacceptable. they must all stop.

How do we act? How do we protest?

You can watch tv...

but spread the word to stop buying stuff like oil and gas. STOP!!! If you really are against the war in Middle East or Iraq...stop buying gas. It's fucking simple.

Do you realize how quickly the war in Iraq would stop?
Make a mass THREE DAY protest where everyone stops consuming gas, that is likely all it would take.

People have the power.

Make a one month protest to boycott McDonalds, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Hollywood movies...

Any company you feel may influence the way money is made in America who sends 4 billion dollars to Israel a year.

Do it, pass the word, fiure out a way to hit the pockets of the people who control the media, the market place. And spread the word.

If you want ceasefire figure out a way to be heard.

Then we can all read a book to our kids, go for take out, watch a silly movie or program...

* (asterisk) said...

4D: I know what you're saying...

Diana: Yeah, Wife and I discussed how this is also a baby-boomer thing, but I think the next generation (mine) has taken it a step further. And the current generation further still. How much further can we go?! Thanks for the welcome. I love the stuff at your ART blog, and I'll be reading some of your Lofty Perch writings over the next few days.

Candy: Hey there. You know that I know that there's nothing wrong with enjoying oneself. I'm no martyr. Just some days more than others you get a sense of the imbalance that you know is always there.

I try to do my bit as regards what you're saying. I buy less gas than the usual motorist, since both Wife and I work from home. We eat at McDonald's probably once a year. I have bought from Starbucks once to my knowledge, while on vacation in NYC, the city that never sleeps and we couldn't find a restaurant after a hockey game... Go figger! Coke, rarely, but too often. Hollywood... ah, now that's a little harder!

But I'd love to see a three-day fuel-buying boycott or McDonald's boycott and the like.

Adam Frazier said...

I love that movie - My main hobby is cinema, the other being writing. My ideal job is a mix of both, ha. So, I can usually be found sitting on couches w/ friends w/ all the lights out watching films and having a few drinks.

I'd love to see all our fast food institutions shut down, except taco bell - I don't know what kind of life I would life if there wasn't a Taco Bell near by...